Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kayla 1st day of school

Hey, So I just wanted to post some photo updates. Kayla our 2 yr old daughter is in daycare and once your child turns 2 they have uniforms and bring school supplies. They start early teaching and I love that about her daycare.
I took about 50 pictures that morning, and she was ready for Mommy Paparazzi
Soooooo here are some pictures of her 1st day

(Her Dora Bookbag and Supplies)

(Walking down the stairs to leave, she sat down so I could take her picture)

(Went back to close the door, she said "Mommy I'll close the door")

(Bookbag and slippy cup on hand, ready for her 1st day at school)

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  1. Nicole! She is ADORABLE!! I would have taken 200 photos of her. You must be very proud of her. That photo made me laugh, it reminded me of Kermit the Frog when he sang "Half way up the stair is a stair where I sit ...". She is a keeper.
    Hugs, Teresa xxx