Monday, July 20, 2009

What a Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend, my weekend was jam packed. Me and my hubby-to-be were in my friends wedding this weekend. I took tons of pictures and don't worry even though I was up late the night before I had no bags under my eyes. YAY Me. Now to the pictures
A better shot of the wedding card I made for them
Did I tell you guys that I designed the grooms cake (I couldn't wait to see the cake). I jumped at the chance when she asked me( I throw a design together with images on PowerPoint in like 30 mins). I'm not going to lie I cried when I saw the cake and I was so happy that he loved it.

Ok now some more fun pictures I took ( I was trying to be photography & bridesmaid while hanging in the house after my make-up was done lol)
The rings w/ flowers in the background

I loved my make-up
Yes she wore pink shoes. These HOT Betsy Johnson
My feet and her bouquet (cute pic idea I should of have all the bridesmaid do it)

The beautiful Bride
The 1st DanceWere Next August 22nd is right around the corner.

So I made a card for the Moxie Fab Go Green Challenge and today when I was about to take the picture to send it in. I realize I let them take my digital camera on their honeymoon with them. So I had to scan it, I think it would of looked better if I took the picture of it. But its ok, cross your fingers.
P.S. - Go vote in Gallery Idol the top 10 has been picked. I already put in my vote. Go Vote.

P.P.S - I finally got my hands on a copy of Card Creations v7. My and my mom went to Micheal's today for more ribbon for the wedding favors and she surprise me. Thanks again mom.

Go to go put dinner away. Have a good night

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