Tuesday, April 1, 2014

* Crafty Announcement *

I'm here with a huge crafty announcement that I'm excited to share with you all.

Are you ready???
Here is the short version of a long story.
So I applied for a design team call a little while ago for a stamping company that I ADORE. This is not the 1st time I applied, but this time I was hoping it would be different.
I waited and waited for that email and then it came.
No lie I prayed before I opened the email and gave myself a little pep talk. 
"Nicole if you don't get this DT spot it will be OK, the time will come again next yr"

:OPEN email and READ
You have been invited to join the 
Some Odd Girl 2014-2015 
digi design team


I'm very excited to join the Some Odd Girl design team. This is going to be an awesome year filled of crafty FUN. I'm looking forward to working with this company since I LOVE the product. I'm clearly very excited for this opportunity. I have be crafting with Some Odd Girls images for awhile now and I'm honored to be on this team.

(I couldn't decided which project to feature, so Leah picked this one for me)

Learn more about the Some Odd Girl company on their blog Some Odd Girl blog and
visit the store at Some Odd Girl store  (just click on the link)
You can also follow the Some Odd Girl fun on all of the following social media websites.
Instagram: Some Odd Girl
Pinterest: Some Odd Girl
YouTube: Some Odd Girl
Facebook: Some Odd Girl

I also welcome you to follow my crafty journey on social media
Instagram: Swtdreamz03
Pinterest: Sweetdesignzz
YouTube: Swtdreamz03

The design team is filled with some talented ladies, so I hope you can visit their blogs and share some love.
Just head to the Some Odd Girl Blog to learn about the new ladies.
Get ready to be inspired to craft.

LOOK MOM I'm an Odd Girl

* Do something creative everyday *



  1. Wohooo!! Way to go!! CONGRATS!!

  2. Adorable card. Happy to be on the team with you.

    1. aww thanks, I'm too excited. This is going to be a FUN term

  3. Congrats girl! You so deserve it and about time they added you. Your super talented.

  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!! So glad to have the opportunity to work together this term!!!! Have fun! Welcome and warm hugs! Angie

  5. Much love Nicole! Such a beautiful card and I'm so excited for the next year. :D

  6. You totally deserve it! Even as a returning DT, I was so super nervous that I wouldn't be asked back, so I definitely feel your pain! lol ! This is going to be great!!

  7. Odd girls are in da house! soooooo happy to be your teammate

  8. Yay yay YAY!!! You know how much I love your work and how much I love you, girl! Super excited that we're taking on this adventure together! Love ya! hugs, Jo:)

  9. Congrats girl!! So excited to be on the team with you- can't wait to see what you create :)

  10. Woot woot - congrats girl! You creations are fantastic and I am so happy to your team-mate!

  11. So glad you applied because I am super excited to be working with you!! I love your work! Congratulations! :-)