Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Morning

Good Morning, hope u had a great weekend. This weekend was packed with fun. Sat Aug 1st was my surprise Bridal Shower ( I was really surprised). I thought we were going to our friends son 2nd B-day party. I was in the car finishing up his B-day card and we pulled over by some resturtant/bar to ask for directions to get to the bridge. I went in he asked for water while we were inside and they took us to a room and everyone yelled SURPRISE. It was really nice I had fun and we recieved alot of nice gifts. *I'll post up the pictures later tonight when I get home* I have a picture of the gift bag and card I made for him. She did come to the bridal shower so I was able to give her the gift for him.

Oh I have to get my projects together for the March/April 2010 call papercrafting is having the deadline is like August 12th. Click Here to read about the calls.

Well I'll be back tonight with some pictures from the weekend.

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