Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Bride to Wife

I loved being a Bride, but sadly that time is over. The day was amazing and its true what they say the day goes by so fast. But now its back to reality. Since we back from the amazing honeymoon I've done alot. Here are a few quick Honeymoon pics (most of them are on this laptop, so here are only a few from the last day).......

In front on the resort about to go back to the airportPart of the Lobby of the resort ( love the seats )A side of the resort , why dont they have these tree's in New York?An island connected to the resort, a boat takes u right over anytime you like.
A kiss before me leave. While walking to leave the resort my husband told me to look on the sand and this is what I saw. I thought it was so cute that he did that. I had to take a picture.

So I also helped one of my Bridesmaids Genna who is a 3rd grade teacher put her classroom together.It wasn't easy, but I had a blast. I even got her a case for all her stamps. The theme for the classroom is frogs. Of course I took pictures of our work.
This is walking into the room

The front of the classroom
The front of the door. I know you love it. Its the best one on the block.
The teachers desk. There is the Stamp case. I use my Cricut to label it and a few other things.Another shot of the board
The kids walked into a desk full of goodies
Well its time for me to go. Have a goodnight. I'll be back with a layout very soon.


  1. Congrats!! I know its sad to come home from the honeymoon :( Looks like you had fun though and you were a Gorgeous Bride!!

  2. thanks, yea it was hard. We plan on going back.

  3. Love the wedding and honeymoon pics! And your classroom looks like such a happy place. I've always thought it would be fun to be a teacher--hard work, but fun. :)