Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution: 2011

So for this year I really want to stick to my New Years Resolutions. I'm sure if I made any last year, but 2011 is going to be a great year I feel it. I'd love to share them with you guys as well as hear your Resolutions. If you don't have any resolutions in mind its never to late.

So hear goes:

1) Take better care of me (sometime I get so involved in life that I miss my dental visits, don't make doc visits when I'm sick,some me time, etc).

2) Raise my credit score (I'm sure tons of people are trying this one, but I'm getting focused.) I'll share any tips I get.

3) Get my work published in a magazine.( I've been trying this for a year or two, but not really giving my all. This year is different and it would mean the world to me, so I'm going to push) Hopefully Creating Keepsakes is the one.

4) Get involved in the scrapbooking outlaws forum (It looks like fun, so I want to play along.) I just found out I can read the forum on my Blackberry (YAY, I'm an on the go person)

5) Upload my DT cards to Yahoo on time ( lol, I'm off to good start)
6) Pray everyday: prayer works
Well I'll update everyone on my New Years Resolution in 6 months. Wish me luck and if you can help out in any way please do so.
Have A Happy New Year
and of course
* Do Something Creative Everyday*

1 comment:

  1. These are wonderful resolutions, Nicole. You seem very determined and I have every confidence you'll make things happen this year. :)

    I LOVE the prayer goal. You're absolutely right about prayer working, and praying everyday is an important and worthwhile thing to do.

    On another note, you bet I still have my ATC. I love little handmade surprises, and the sweet ones from you have a place in my craft room. Thanks so much!

    Happy New Year!