Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Monday

It's the start of the week and the start of a new month. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Friday Kayla had a Halloween Party at Daycare that I took her to. On Halloween we took Kayla trick-or-treating in the mall (it was tooo cute)....Here are so pic

Here is the bag I made for the candy I brought the daycare.
Kayla eating at the partyPicture in the grass
At the mall trick-or-treating with her lollipop at hand On the move at the mall We met another priate. Lol Kids are so funny.(Kayla wouldn't wear her hat)Digging into the candy at home

Next post coming soon my day at the Wendy Williams Show and my first time at the new Micheals in Manhattan.

Have a Scrap Happy Day

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